A-Jane: SS '19

All the way from Malaysia, A-Jane brought quite a few standout, exotic, and artistic looks for the summer next year. These unique pieces beg the question: should I wear this to a fancy dinner to impress my friends or on the red carpet to make headlines? A-Jane also took the audience through time from the Roman Empire to the time knickerbockers were cool.

“. . . standout, exotic, and artistic looks”



Look 011: A-Jane is not afraid to wear her breeches on her sleeve. And we’re inspired.


Et tu, Brute?

Look 013: As an iconic standout piece, strength and courage barely covered the model from her waist down. But we’re looking at the glass half full.


Hailey Baldwin would wear these pants.

Look 015: Look out Virgil Abloh.


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a mozzetta!

Look 019: The finale took the cake. The mozzetta-like shirt could be worn by anyone for almost any occasion—a strategic staple. A-Jane brought her a-game.