Forget Your Grandpa's Closet

During New York Fashion Week last month, my favorite outfit I sported took dressing like your grandpa to the next level: dress like your grandma. I love my grandma; she's the person who introduced me to the beauty of Audrey Hepburn, the peacefulness of opera, and the serenity of painting. While tending to her three sons on the Cape, she lived most of her weekends in an oversized jumper. She wore CHANEL-like oval sunglasses (and still does) all week long. Also, she loved floral patterns—a trend that never leaves the vintage-lover's closet. In order to commemorate my grandma's mother-on-the-go vibe back in the day, I chose some unique pieces for my street style. When you want to feel like a powerful, effortless, and comfortable woman, replicate some staple looks from your grandma's closet. From the Fifties all the way to the late Nineties, your grandma rocked the trends by following them. Today, so many blogs and magazines try to limit trends to what's "in" right now. However, I believe trends themselves are just cyclical in nature; they come and they go so quickly that anything has the right to be considered "in style" as long as you wear it with confidence. So why not throw grandma's gauchos or pearls into the mix?