EM: What inspired you to start VIS?
NC: The idea had been in my head and I thought might as well try now! I knew I’d always regret it if I didn’t at least try! I love telling the story of VIS because I get so passionate just thinking about it! I’ve always been in love with fashion. I love creating different outfits–finding the trendiest new styles was always so exhilarating to me! However, my wallet DID NOT think so. HAHA! It was always a challenge (a fun challenge) going to the mall and trying to get by with the $20 in my pocket. I would always hear around me, “I can’t buy cute clothes, cause it’s all too expensive.” I would actually get SO FRUSTRATED hearing that, because, meanwhile, I’d be finding the cutest $3 shirt everyone would ask about. So that got me thinking: what if I were to create a clothing store that had clothes I know are in style (being a fashion blogger as well)? I figured that people would realize shopping cheap is not impossible! That was my vision and still is: to show people that cute clothes don’t have to be crazy expensive!

EM: How does it feel when your followers buy your clothes?
NC: Oh my gosh, I LOVE IT! I always say, “It’s one thing to say you’ll buy clothes from my store, but it’s a whole different thing to actually buy them!” To spend your hard-earned money on my store!! It’s the most flattering thing.

EM: What’s your favorite aspect of blogging and favorite aspect of vlogging?
NC: I love sharing a little snippet of my life and personal style through blogging. Being able to tell a story and create a picture to share with everyone is so much fun! Vlogging is the perfect pair with it because then I get to show my followers all the behind the scenes–unedited me–and actually get to see a day in my life!

EM: Who is your celebrity style crush at the moment?
NC: Haha, I LOVE Emily Luciano! I am actually obsessed with her pink aesthetic! I love how she incorporates pink in each of her photos and personal style. So creative, and definitely who I look to for inspiration.

EM: How would your describe your personal style?
NC: Someone once called me a preppy street style, haha, I love that!!! I love street style, but I’m also super bubbly and into pink, so a preppy street style sounds just about right to me! I wouldn’t say I’m crazy experimental in my style; I love mixing around all the basics in my closet and creating everyday outfits for my followers.
EM: What is the styling process for you when you want to blog about an outfit?
NC: A lot of my styling process is based on what I find online/in the store. I feel like I have such a distinctive eye for what I love. And if I find something I love, then—of course—I want to brag about it! I like to piece a few outfits together based on my personal style and on what I believe is currently trending. After piecing them together, I’ll shoot a few looks and post them for everyone to see!

EM: In your opinion, how do bloggers affect the fashion industry?
NC: I think it’s crazy how bloggers affect the fashion industry, because it’s such a new thing! A lot of companies who used to NEVER work with bloggers, now all use them as their main source of marketing! I think people used to look for fashion in magazines and from celebrities, etc. Now a lot of people look up to bloggers and fashion influencers to see the latest styles.

EM: What’s the coolest opportunity you've received through your blog?
NC: New York Fashion Week was definitely amazing. I never would’ve dreamed about going or getting into shows if it wasn’t for my blog! There’s definitely a ton of perks and cool opportunities by being a blogger; I never would’ve known!

EM: What do you typically eat during the day to stay healthy?
NC: Haha, well some days I’m healthier than other days!!! Some days I just need some popcorn and wine!! I love to eat healthy, but also believe it’s all about balance. If you want that popcorn, have it!! I’ve gone on crazy diets and then would just go back to the same bad eating habits after. Now, I’ve taught myself to balance it, and eat things in moderation! I love my greek yogurt for breakfast, and I’m also so obsessed with Brussel sprouts and broccoli (not for breakfast though). Haha. I also love a good green smoothie to fill up on all those good greens!

EM: What is your signature accessory?
NC: I absolutely love my fake glasses and red lipstick! Sometimes I’ll put on an outfit and look so plain. Then I’ll add in my fake glasses/sunnies and red lipstick and it somehow always is enough to tie it together!

EM: What did you do when you hit 30,000 followers on Instagram?
NC: Haha, my husband and I, along with my parents, have a tradition of going to our favorite local restaurant and celebrating if any big goals are hit! We love getting a few good desserts and popping that champagne! That’s exactly what we did for 30k!!