Photo courtesy of Dayna Frazer, 2015.

Photo courtesy of Dayna Frazer, 2015.

How did you choose the name of your blog?
LeatherPetal is actually a pretty random name without a whole lot of meaning behind it! You know when you try to come up with a social media username or a tumblr URL—something like that—you just try to pick something that sounds cool? It could be song lyrics or a word you saw looking around the room. For me, it was just something “fashionable” and cool like leather and petal just kind of flowed with it. Pretty silly!

What sparked your interest to start your own blog?
I actually decided to start a blog when people on my Instagram started suggesting I write about my style and skincare choices. I thought why not! I used to read every magazine on the planet, from Bazaar to W Magazine, and I learned all the simple tricks that were available to learn in terms of beauty and skincare — why not share those with everybody? I also had a lot to share in terms of my vegan diet. People are always curious and have lots of questions about it in person, so I figured people online would probably be just as interested. I would love to see more people become vegan after reading about it on my blog. I know a few have! It’s very exciting to know you can have a positive influence like that through example alone! All in all, I just feel like I have a lot to share — and beauty and health should be public knowledge!

What do you think about the "ugly trend," which includes Birkenstocks, clogs, and fannypacks?
Wait…. I wear all those things!! Haha no… This ugly trend, “normcore,” as I’ve heard it called, is something I appreciate, but only to an extent. I like the idea of breaking away from fashion standards to the point where clothing serves an entirely utilitarian purpose. The thing is — once people start paying a lot of money to look this way (i.e. shopping at American Apparel and paying $40 for a T-shirt) it defeats that utilitarian purpose. If you are going to pay more money to “avoid" fashion, you are just giving into another expensive trend by avoiding other aesthetically pleasing ones. If you are going to avoid fashion, you are better off just not caring about what you look like (and not caring typically involves not paying a lot of money).

What is your go-to look and why?
My go-to look is usually high waisted black jeans/pants, chelsea boots, and a nude colored top/sweater. Kind of boring! Haha, but I like that. I have two jobs — working in an office and modeling— so I have to be able to transition from an office environment to one that requires really simple, fitted clothing for castings. I also just like black and nude colors! I think they are slimming and bring out the best colors in our skin and eyes. Coco Chanel said black is the only color that brings out our eyes. I also think if you can find the right nude tone for you, it will make your skin look warm and healthy. In terms of my go-to look for hair and makeup, I like to air dry my hair and wear it pulled back with a center part, and then I pull a couple pieces down to frame my face. Even though I have short hair, I have always preferred it back and off my neck. (One big reason for cutting my hair short was to actually force myself to wear it down. It only partly worked!) Makeup-wise, I love just a bit of bronzer, a pinkish lip (I’m in love with benefit and Revlon lip stains right now — also, Chapstick brand lip balm in strawberry), and a bit of liquid eyeliner on my top lid only. This is great for day and night and just accentuates what you’ve already got.

Your style is inspired by many famous women. If you could wake up in the body of anybody, who would it be and what would you do?
If I could wake up in the body of anyone, it would probably be a much older woman. I would like to go through one day experiencing how it feels to be a woman who no longer has her youth. I would go around and learn what to expect and understand happiness from a new perspective. Society places a lot of emphasis on youth and our looks. Something we all lose (unless you find the fountain of youth and take really good care of yourself). I’ve never experienced being old. It would be cool to experience the inevitable for a bit. Although I think this is what the question was alluding to, I wouldn’t actually want to temporarily be someone who is much more glamorous than I am! Then I would never want to return to my normal self!

What trends do you hope to see this summer?
Normcore. Then once it is a big trend, everyone who is part of this anti-fashion movement will have to come up with something even crazier or self-detonate.

Who is your ultimate fashion inspiration and why?
My ultimate fashion inspiration is Sofia Coppola. Everything she surrounds herself with is so simplistically elegant. Everything she wears and does is just a small piece of a greater portrait. You can tell that she is thoughtful about her fashion choices without looking like she overthinks anything. She has a signature. Her haircut is a consistent length, she loves button downs that aren’t too loose or too tight, she doesn’t need to show too much skin, her silhouettes are feminine but not overtly sexy, materials and colors are delicate and muted. She’s got it all! She knows what she wants.

What era of fashion do you believe is inspiring 2015 the most and why?
I think the 90s are the most inspiring thing to those on the streets of NY. Everybody’s got there center-parted hair, high waisted jeans, chunky heels, and mauve lipstick on. I don’t pay attention to fashion shows nearly as much as I used to, so in terms of high-fashion, I really have no idea what era is most inspiring right now. I like what’s going on in terms of accessible fashion right now, though. I feel like I’m in my element with the high waists and chunky shoes.

What is the most "confidence boosting" accessory in your opinion?
Good question! I know I could say a smile! or a boyfriend! but those can’t just be acquired instantly, so honestly, I think a really good haircut is the best thing to boost a girl’s confidence. Seriously… If you have a bad haircut it is the WORST thing. If you have a good haircut though, it will frame your face better, make you feel like you need less makeup, you have a whole lot less work to do to make it look presentable, and it’s one of the first things people notice about you. I read that men notice your hair far more often than they ever notice what you are wearing. It’s a pretty simple fix, and don’t be afraid to get that haircut all your friends always tell you to go for. They’re usually right!

Image courtesy of Dayna Frazer, 2015.