EM: At what point in your life did you decide you wanted to get into fashion?

BT: I have always had an older sister to help me get dressed and put outfits together, so I didn't come to love it until I moved out and didn't have her anymore- which was around 23. I became more interested in what I liked and what looked good on me and made me feel confident. I love everything about it now!!

EM: If you could tell your 12 year-old-self you’d be making such a huge impact on the world, what advice would you give her?

BT: Hmm...I would tell her to stand up for herself, but to keep a soft heart and not let society make her cold. Be kind to every person you come into contact with. I am constantly telling myself that now!!

EM: Who is your beauty inspiration, your muse?

BT: Blake Lively- do I really need an explanation for this one? She is super woman! Her face, her hair, her body (even pregnant), come on!

EM: If you could replay one moment of your life, what would it be and why?

BT: This is such a hard question. I have had so many incredible moments with so many wonderful people in my life. How lucky am I that this is a hard question because there are too many moments to choose from! I would guess if I had to narrow it down to one, that it would have my entire family involved!

EM: What’s a beauty trend that you dislike and wish you could reverse?

BT: Do you remember that purple/pink/frosty looking lipstick/gloss? Yeah, that one.

EM: What’s your motto?

BT: Laugh a LOT!!!!

EM: Who is your fashion inspiration?

BT: I love Kate Hudson. She is so effortlessly cool. Her casual style slays and her red carpet glam SLAYYYS. Every. Single. Time!

EM: What’s your favorite and least favorite part about social media?

BT: My favorite part is getting to show snippets of my life and engage with people who I would otherwise never get to talk to. It is so fun to talk and relate to strangers all over the world! The downside is the negativity and bullying, but I also don't like the insecurity it causes. So often, it gives an unrealistic idea of how you're supposed to look/dress/act/be. Just like everything in life, you have to take the good with the bad- am I right?

EM: Who/what motivates you to get up every morning?

BT: I would say just life in general motivates me. It seems so simple, but it really is such a short time we have to live the life we are given. I sometimes say yes too much because I don't want to miss out on experiencing everything offered to me!

EM: What’s your number one passion in life?

BT: To see the people in my life happy and healthy. I want everyone I love to experience everything they want to experience!

EM: What’s one secret talent you have that your fans don’t know about?

BT: I am really good at arcade basketball. I don't like to brag on anything about myself, but I do brag on my arcade basketball skills. They are far.

Liv Myles