EM: When you first started your fitness journey, what were your biggest fears and how did you overcome them?
CW: My fitness journey started shortly before my boxing journey. I didn’t really have any fears with my fitness journey but when it came to boxing I sure did!
Firstly, boxing is a hard sport to learn but also involves grueling training if you are thinking of competition. Fears were, “What if I’m not great at it, will I last the rounds in the ring, will I win?” I learned quickly that one is always working on improving in any sport if they have complete respect for that sport and to be great is to continue learning. I also soon realized that how hard you train will prepare you for the rounds in the ring and that winning is great but if you don’t win you will always learn from a loss.

EM: What aspects of your own fitness regimen do you prefer over other exercise you've tried?
CW: I love every part of my boxing regimen except running. As a boxer we always had to do a 14 mile run every Sunday and it never got easier for me! I fully enjoy jumping rope, shadow boxing, hitting the punching bags and speed bags.

EM: What’s the coolest opportunity you've experienced through your social media popularity?
CW: This is a cool opportunity. Anytime I have an opportunity to talk about my story and inspire girls and women to go fit it, that is a cool opportunity!

EM: How do you balance having a cheat day and getting back on the horse?
CW: I usually have one cheat day per week, but it is easy to get back on the horse as soon as I work out. Why? Well, my workouts can be brutal and I definitely don’t want to negate the work I put in! That keeps me on the right track.

EM: What do you hope your clients will experience when they attend The Stables Boxing Club?
CW: I want all of my clients to learn the real sport of boxing and feel empowered by the confidence of knowing they are purists in the sport. I do not waiver from technique and teach all my clients as if they are going to step into the ring. Skills are important!

EM: What or who keeps you going everyday?
CW: I remind myself constantly of where I came from and where I am heading. A lot of girls and women rely on me to continue my journey and to help them with theirs. Not only through the boxing training but also through the Too Pretty brand.

EM: What inspired you to start Too Pretty Brand?
CW: After realizing that I wasn’t the only woman out there being told I shouldn’t be doing something because I was a woman and because of the way I looked, I knew I had to do something. We all love clothes and I thought creating an empowering message through athletic apparel was the way to go. The Never Too Pretty message has grown over the past year and we have built a strong female community of girls and women who are inspired by the message and inspire others with the message. You can read more about the brand at

EM: What kind of music is your favorite to exercise to?
CW: I listen to rock, like Chavelle at the beginning of my workout, then it goes to wrap by female artists, like Trina.

EM: Who is your role model?
CW: My role models are every woman out there who are taking risks and taking action! Every time I come across a woman who is holding down a household, running a company, donating her time and so much more, I am inspired! My female community is my role model!

EM: Where do you hope to see yourself this time next year?
CW: I hope to have grown our Never Too Pretty community by 100% and be on our way to creating a scholarship for girls and women through the Too Pretty brand.


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