EM: We looked back at some of the first pictures you posted on Instagram! It seems surfing is your true passion. What is it about surfing that’s so freeing to you?

Ya surfing has been my life. I can never get enough of the ocean. It's an everyday thing for me to see the ocean. If I don't get to see it or feel it I get a bit of anxiety. It's where I meditate. It's where I can breathe clearly. I've been surfing my whole life since I was 8 years old. I'm very thankful my parents brought me up by the ocean.

EM: At what point did you feel like you got your social media big break? Was it overnight in one post or very gradual?

It's a gradual thing for me. The more places I go the more I grow. So that's my goal is to travel and meet people all around the world.

EM: What are the top three songs on your summer playlist this year?

Honestly, I love Drake. He's for sure been on repeat for a couple of Months now. I also love house music, anything I can vibe too.

EM: How would you describe your life in the past year in one sentence?

Woooo, this year has been a crazy year for sure, Lots of traveling and amazing experiences. 

EM: What’s the craziest traveling story you have?

Every day is crazy and constantly changing. That's a hard one to say...

EM: Do you have any surfer, actor, or photographer inspirations?

Yes of course! Andy Irons is my surf inspiration, his style and flow are one of a kind. As it goes for an actor Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) because he's very driven; he's always go, go, go. Plus he kills it in the gym!

EM: If you could travel with two people for the rest of your life, who would you choose and why? 

Well, I for sure know I would love to travel with my parents for the rest of my life because they're amazing, down to earth humans and there up for anything! There very inspirational.

8. What’s the coolest thing a fan has told you or commented?

Honestly, I'm very thankful for all of the messages I receive. Everyone has a lot of love to give; it's crazy to me people take the time out of their day to write me things. I'm very thankful for everyone's love!

EM: Why did you decide to pursue acting?

Well, I've always been behind or in front of a camera. So when I received the call for my first movie I was amazed. I'm very excited for the years to come!

EM: What’s a day in the life of Eros typically like?

That's a funny question. Every day is something new. My usual routine is to wake up, make a smoothie, have breaky and check the waves. If the waves aren't good, I'll go to the gym. If I'm not at the gym I'm staying as busy as I can. I'm very active! I can't sit still...

EM: What’s something crazy you and your friends have done that you’d suggest to your fans to give a try?

Lately, I've been cliff jumping. We have been doing some pretty big jumps that give you butterflies. I learned this quote on one of my travels, "Better to have a stomach full of butterflies than to feel like your life is passing you by." So I suggest to everyone: whatever you're doing, live your life up. Take chances.

EM: What’s the most remote place you’ve been?

An island in Indonesia. The wave is called Desserts, the island is called Lombok. It's very remote. No phone service, no ac, the toilets use gravity to flush lol. And one generator runs the whole town. So choose your phone charge wisely.

EM: Are you in a relationship? 

Nope, I'm not. I know it will be worth saving my soul for someone who deserves it.

Liv Myles