1. What inspired you to create ROAM in the first place?

Traveling has always been my favorite thing and I wanted to create something that would allow others to share in the same adventures.

2. Who or what motivates you daily to get up in the morning?

Chasing my dreams is what excites me and gets me up and moving.  Every morning I go for a jog with my dog Charlotte and it helps me clear my head and set my intentions for the day. 

3. Do you have any tips for aspiring content creators?

Do what you love and the rest will fall in to place.  It also helps to constantly be out and about meeting people and making connections.  Every door that has opened for me is because a friend or colleague sent me down the right path.  

4. Who is your fashion inspiration for your lovely personal style?

My inspiration really comes from the woman I work with at Ibu.  I love pieces with a history but I also things are well made with beautiful fabrics and clever design.  I'm always picking little things up from my travels and working them in to my daily looks. 

5. If you could collaborate with any clothing designer, who would it be and why?

Oh gosh there are so many...But my first pick would be Dolce and Gabbana.  I went to school and Italy and they really influenced my design path.  Their creations are rooted in historical context all while being modern and fun.  I think that's what fashion is really all about expressing your personality in a fun and thoughtful way.  

6. What do you usually do in the first 15 minutes of your day?

I'm addicted to Nespresso so that's step one. Then a jog with Charlotte, a quick shower, then I get on my laptop to check in with my team, and get the day going!

7. What's your favorite snack in the summer?

Fruit and anything season from the farmers market.  Summer salads and grilled fish are my favorite things to make I'm always cooking and love having dinner parties. 

8. Where do you hope to see ROAM this time next year?

I hope it will be a beautiful site full of great content that makes it easier for everybody to travel and interact with special places around the world. Down the road we have some really exciting things in the works for where we want to be from a technological side, so stay tuned....

9. If you could interview any celebrity for ROAM, who would you choose and why?

In addition to highlight the local personalities found in each town, we hope to interview lots of celebrities for Roam as well. The idea is to get a local authority.  For instance if we go to Hawaii get Laird Hamilton to take us our surfing or if we are in say Nashville we get Reese Witherspoon to show us the best BBQ fun stuff like that. 

10. How do you incorporate photography into your daily life and job?

Photography is my absolute passion.  It's actually I got on the show in the first place.  I was going to help Whitney produce and get locations but then the network loved how we were already friends and talked me in to actually being on the show and the rest is well history.  I am excited about ROAM so I can get back behind the camera and show the world through my point of view.