EM: What is the trickiest thing about Vine in your opinion?

LK: I believe the trickiest thing about Vine would have to be fitting the content of my idea into six seconds. Sometimes I have to talk ridiculously fast in order for it to make the cut! I might have been an auctioneer in my last life… I get comments like “Wow, she talks really fast!” and other comments say “Woah that was fast, what did she say!?” So… maybe I was a bad auctioneer in my last life. 

EM: What is one song you could listen to for the rest of your life?

Wanna Be Cool by Chance the Rapper.

LK: It’s just an awesome, upbeat song that encourages people to be themselves, rather than being what’s defined as “cool”. A good message that needs to be heard by the young community that can be easily influenced by peer pressure, especially by social media. I always appreciate good music with a good message behind it!

EM: What's your opinion on the 90s fashion trend right now? Yes or no for you?

LK: Personally, I’m a fan of the 90s fashion trend… mainly because I’m a 90s kid! I live in crop tops and high waist shorts/pants. I rocked the tattoo chokers as a kid, but I haven’t worn them since they’ve been back in style. I’m not too big on fashion trends, but I try to stay as “trendy” as I can. I love clothes. I’m a shopping addict and PROUD. I love experimenting and mixing up my style. My personal fashion has multiple personalities… It all depends how I feel when I wake up, look at my mess of a closet and ask “Which Liza am I today?” Sounds crazy, right? So is my sense of style, I guess!


EM: Who's your role model?

LK: More like, role models! I have several, for a different reason each. Fashion wise, Zendaya is my role model. She’s such a risk taker when it comes to her style, and I love it! She’s willing to wear any and everything, and somehow, she ALWAYS looks so bomb. She also seems so goofy, humble and genuine. An overall sweet girl with talent and a bright future! Comedy wise, Melissa McCarthy may be the love of my life. She absolutely kills me on screen. She is so willing to dive into her characters and truly become them! I am always in tears when I’m watching her. She is an enormous inspiration for me and my humor. McCarthy is such a versatile actress, and I would love to blossom into the talented woman she is in hopes of being the inspiration she is to me.

Although she is crazy and insane on screen, I’ve read and heard that she is very professional, humble, sweet, and loves to laugh! I hope to meet her one day. Overall, Jessica Alba is another huge role model for me. She is a great actress, also very versatile in her roles, absolutely beautiful, has a great sense of style, is very professional, has a profound love for her family and works hands-on with her business, the Honest Company. Her story behind creating the Honest Company is very inspirational, especially to my great interest in business/entrepreneurship. She is very grounded when it comes to her career and success, and family is her #1 priority, right next to her company. It is just amazing to see such a well-rounded woman in the spotlight to serve as a strong role model for others! All three of these women are incredible role models and inspirations for myself. I would love to roll these role models together and become a little brown girl version of all of them! 


EM: If you could visit any country in the world, where would you go and why?

LK: Every. Single. Country. I love to travel, and I want to see the world while I can! At this very moment, I really want to visit Nepal. They are in great need of help, especially after the developing country suffered through the recent traumatic earthquake. I would love to be able to provide another set of hands to help them re-build. However, I know I would also enjoy the beauty Nepal has to offer! Not only the natural beauty, but their lifestyle.


EM: Why do you think 6 seconds is all it takes to make people laugh?

LK: So I have always wondered why Vine decided to make videos only six seconds long! I am not sure if this entirely true, but I heard this answer from a third party source. The average human being blinks every six seconds. Vine decided on making their videos 6 seconds long with this motto in mind: "Entertainment in the blink of an eye.” Did that blow your mind? Mine freaking exploded when I heard that. Cute, catchy and makes sense! But if that’s not true… Then I think it’s because most people have crazy short attention spans (like my own) in today’s fast-paced, constantly changing society, especially on social media. I, myself, am not able to hold interest or concentrate for very long, so 6 seconds is the perfect amount of time to whip out that punchline and have a good laugh!

EM: If you were stuck in an elevator for a whole day, who are three people you would want to be stuck with? ― anyone!

LK: Jay Z, Solange and Beyonce. Oh no, just kidding lol. My role models! And Beyonce.

EM: Do you think Vine is more popular than YouTube now because social media is getting quicker paced?

LK: This could be true. But YouTube is a very stable platform that isn’t going anywhere! I love YouTube and will forever use it. Whether it’s learning a recipe, how to draw my eyebrows on better, or figuring out how to put together that freaking table from IKEA that only came with instructions in Swedish. Not everything can be condensed into six seconds! However, Vine is perfect for the fast-paced, social media revolved world we live in now. It was made for viral content, and when things go viral, they GO VIRAL. Trends are huge on vine, and spread like wild fire! It’s fun, it’s crazy and I love it. Do it for the Vine.

EM: What's your best advice about makeup?

LK: BROWS ON FLEEK. Just kidding, but having a couple of brows on fleek can boost the confidence! My best advice would be to never settle. Always have fun with your makeup and don’t be scared to try new things and mix it up. I like to say that your face is a canvas, and you’re the artist! As corny as that it is, you are essentially painting on your face when you really think about it. So… It’s an art. Art of the face. Also, never become too dependent on make up! Make up can enhance your physical beauty, but everyone is naturally beautiful in their own way too! The true beauty lies within.

EM: What's the coolest thing a fan has commented to you? Do comments inspire you to continue Vining?

LK: I love my supporters so much. They honestly are the reason I’m willing to look insane all over the internet. I’ve been told such supportive, sweet and encouraging words. However, I believe the coolest moment for me was when a supporter approached me at my church. I attend Lakewood Church in Houston, TX, which is a huge, well-known church in and outside of our city. That day, I welcomed my snapchatters to come and attend a Teen Church Conference the church was hosting. While at church, a young supporter approached me, gave me a huge hug and told me, “I came to church today because I saw your snapchat saying to come!” That touched my heart to hear that. It also made me realize the amount of influence and impact that I could have on my supporters. 

The encouraging comments I receive are truly inspiring for me. I love hearing the input, advice and reaction from my followers. I always take their opinions into account, after all, this is all for them! Their support is the reason I am the where I am today. The large audience that I’ve gained through Vine and social media still blows my mind to this day. I could not be more thankful to everyone that supports me and sends love and good vibes my way! It’s honestly what keeps me going and working hard. My life has changed so much, and it is all such a blessing. I only hope to use my presence on social media to radiate positivity and encourage people to embrace and be themselves, no matter how weird, crazy or quirky that may be.