Why did you start blogging?
Mel: I started my blog to have a creative output for my mind. It was all just a diary in the beginning, filled with my thoughts, random pictures, a lot of music recommendations and quotes. I was also interested in fashion and found out about blogging in a magazine.

What’s the most challenging aspect of social media for you personally? Why?
Mel: I put a lot of pressure on my own shoulders to be as creative as possible.

If you could go anywhere in the world to make a vlog for your followers, where would you go?
Mel: India has always been my top one travel destination. But California stole my heart last year.

What are your three best pieces of advice for aspiring bloggers?
Mel: Be yourself, stay consistent and never give up.

Who inspires your personal style?
Mel: No people in particular.. I mainly get Inspiration from random girls and boys on Tumblr or on the streets. But I love Erin Wassons effortless style. Also Ruby Aldrige, Blogger Sonya Esman and Camille Rowe for example.

What’s the coolest opportunity you’ve received through your blog?
Mel: Traveling a lot and meeting new like minded creatives.

If you could be the assistant of any fashion designer, who would it be and why?
Mel: It would love to work for the brand Free People. I absolutely love their vibe, the free spirit they stand for.

Do you think there will ever be something even more personalized than blogging?
Mel: You never know, but I don't think so. That´s why I love it so much, because you can just be yourself.

What’s the most satisfying comment you’ve received when you posted a picture?
Mel: I really appreciate it when people say that my laugh is contagious and that I inspire them.

Who helps you keep going and following your dream?
Mel: I do to be honest. I always try to change things up and become better, because otherwise I know I would get bored so fast :D

How would you describe your Instagram’s theme?
Mel: Tumblrish, Vintage.