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Pearson Myles is an up and coming author of a brand new science-fiction series called Echo of a Hero. The story starts with a bang and keeps you on the edge of your seat wanting book two right away.

The first installation of the series can be purchased on here and Barnes and Noble here.


Two months after surviving an accident that should have killed him, Austin Bennet woke up with his bed on fire. That was only the beginning. As a foreboding scar spreads on his chest, Austin discovers that he has inhuman abilities. Soon hiding from the government’s enforcers, Austin finds himself swept away by The Orchid, a reckless insurgent who happens to also be one of the plenaries, a powerful race of beings with incredible powers and technology that were outlawed by society decades ago.

But is it really the plenaries humans should fear? When rumors surface about someone manipulating the world government, Austin’s new allies fear an old enemy of theirs has returned. Could Austin be the key to reunifying humans and plenaries? Or is he just a tool of destruction created for an even darker purpose?


EM: What inspired you to start writing in general for the first time? 

PM: I actually didn't like to write at all for a long time. When I was fifteen or sixteen, I was reading a lot of fantasy books and going through a comic book phase. It was around then I decided to give it a shot myself. 

EM: Where do you get the ideas for your characters' names and personalities? 

PM: My main character Austin Bennet's name actually came from a superhero I made up. For the rest of my characters, I usually do a lot of research for unique names that have special meaning behind them. Most of my characters' last names are associated with a color that matches their personality/power. As for their personalities, I try to be as original as possible and try not to use people I know for reference. There are a few exceptions, but for the most part I just imagine a new character and the story writes itself around them. Imagining new characters is the best part of storytelling in my opinion.  

EM: What's the most challenging part about writing a series? 

PM: The most challenging part is sitting down and actually writing. You really have to dedicate yourself and put time aside to get it done, otherwise the story in your head will never be read by others.  

EM: What's your favorite and least favorite part about writing? 

PM: Creating new characters is my favorite part about writing. I could spend an entire afternoon just imagining what this person looks like, the quirks of their personality, and just how they would act in the world if they were real. My least favorite part about writing would have to be the cropping part of editing. Editing a story can be tough, but it really stinks when you have to delete parts you worked so hard to write. They might be scenes that are too long, or characters who aren't needed, or even just a minute detail you didn't want to leave unsaid. Cropping is hard, but in the end you just have to do it. 

EM: What keeps you motivated? 

PM: Honestly, my brother and my best friend are the ones who motivate me to keep writing. I wouldn't have finished my first book without them, and I don't think I would really see the skill I have without their encouragement. My books might never be as famous as Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings, but as long as there are people like them in my life who love them, I'll keep writing stories. 

EM: What are the last three books you read?

PM: Good question. I think it was Ghosts of Empire by George Mann, The Forest of Arrows by Vanessa Sharp, and The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I highly recommend them to anyone who likes fantasy, mystery, and just fiction in general. 

EM: How do you fit writing into your day? 

PM: I tend to either wake up really early or stay up very late to write. I think other authors will agree that you tend to sacrifice a lot of sleeping hours in the writing business. It's not always fun but it pays off in the end. 

EM: Where are your favorite places to write?

PM: Any quiet place with a comfy chair and hot tea will do, but usually I write in my bedroom or at my local Barnes and Noble. 

Author Pearson Myles in England, May 2019.

Author Pearson Myles in England, May 2019.