I’m a skincare fanatic, so I’m constantly searching and researching new beauty products that have predominately organic ingredients, non-toxic chemicals, and are ethically made. The older I get the more important it is for me to know how something’s made. I also know that my body is a dynamic, evolving entity so I’m pretty sensitive to knowing when I’ve outgrown a product.

(To preface, beauty comes from the inside out—as we all know at this point—so I take fish oils and Jane Iredale’s Skin Accumax to promote clear, healthy skin. Out of everything I’ve tried, I notice the greatest difference in my skin with these supplements and highly recommend them.)

Currently, I rinse my face off with cold water first thing in the morning, then take Jane Iredale’s BeautyPrep Face Cleanser on a cotton pad and gently wipe my face down. I’ve never known a cleanser to be both a wash and a moisturizer—you don’t have to wash it off. Once my skin’s absorbed that, I pat some Jane Iredale BeautyPrep Face Toner on my skin to help balance it out. Having acne, I want to make sure that I’m always preparing my skin for healing, so I work on it with the end in mind.

I have a blessing/curse my family lovingly known as “the morning face,” which is basically severely puffy eyes. I used to be so embarrassed going places first thing in the morning because my eyes were almost always swollen shut, but it’s gotten better with age—and maybe a little funnier, too. So I use Osmotics Under Eye Rejuvenator under my eyes and over my eyelids just to open them up a little more. This is one of those staple products that I could never give up. Three years later and the honeymoon phase is alive and well for us.

I love changing up my moisturizers. Usually in the mornings, or when I’m going to be wearing makeup, I’ll go for Jane Iredale’s BeautyPrep Face Moisturizer. My skin inhales this stuff; it’s super gentle and nourishing. At night I alternate my moisturizers depending on how my skin looks and feels by the end of the day. Right now I’m using Puristry’s Seaberry Moisturizer. The presentation of a moisturizer is like buying a book for me: if it comes gorgeously packaged, I’m an instant fool for it. I always read the list of ingredients to make sure nothing will harm or irritate my skin, and if it’s all good, I give it a shot. So I’ve been using that and it’s really helped calm my skin down.

Since my skin is predisposed to being oily, I use BeautyCounter for my makeup. I’m an advocate for the simple beauty of French women, and I think my casual look reflects that. Right now my foundation is BeautyCounter Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation in Sand and Linen. I spread a light, even layer of that everywhere and then go back with the Touchup Skin Concealer Pen in Light, which is my lifesaver. Then I put the slightest hint of their Mattifying Powder on and blend it down into my neck to make sure all my foundation is blended. To be sure that I don’t get an oily sheen, I go back and spray BeautyCounter’s Balancing Charcoal Facial Mist; it absorbs any excess oils without drying out my skin—and it works all day. Since BeautyCounter’s makeup is so sheer, I really don’t need to add any blush, and I rarely contour anymore. I’ll just put some standard mascara on and—this is my favorite part—put on a layer or two of Glossier’s Boy Brow in Brown. If anyone hasn’t heard of or tried Boy Brow yet, know that this is the product I want to be buried with. I’ve never been so crazy about a beauty product in my life. I’ve been using Boy Brow for about two years now, I think, and I’ll never go back.

The older I get the more I adore natural beauty. I used to do such heavy eyes, heavy contour, and heavy brows that I’m burned out, and so is my skin. Now, I feel my skin breathing all day, being nourished all day, and being embraced just as it is all day. Taking care of it, with all its flaws, has honestly opened my heart toward it, as weird as that sounds. But it’s true. Using sheerer makeup is kind of like a leap of faith when you have acne, and anyone with acne will tell you that. But throughout the day you’ll catch yourself looking in the mirror and saying, “Hey, it’s not so bad.” That’s not to say I don’t have days where I don’t want to leave my room, but I’ve definitely begun to see progress with my skin, and that’s come from finding a beauty routine that works best for me, not just people with acne in general. Beauty is much more individualistic than I ever suspected, and I think that takes some weight off of people’s—especially women’s—shoulders. Women, I believe, feel most beautiful when they accept themselves as they are and take steps to promoting what makes them glow from the inside out, cosmetically and health-wise. For me, these products have really helped me get there.